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Offseason Roster Moves

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Looks like that bum Dez Fitzpatrick is finally gone.

Worst starting LT--check Worst starting RT--check Worst starting LG--check Worst weapons in the NFL--check   Idiots: Tannehill sucks.     

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2 minutes ago, tgo said:


How much do you want to bet that they're not going to draft a LT in the first round?


LT vs the Field isn't a bet any sane person would take but you are fooling yourself if you don't think its a possibility if one of the top 3 LTs is there at #11.

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4 hours ago, OILERMAN said:

The Titans used free agency to really shore up the defense, get younger, and faster.


I believe they can contend, defensively right now.


I see you've shifted to excluding the offense. This is a huge walk back from you

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17 minutes ago, BudsOilers said:


Maybe Keith Carter and Jrob were the issue with regards to bringing in guys who could only run block. Or maybe (just maybe), Vrabel is actually learning. 

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Just now, BudsOilers said:


It was Quiver Chins

Perhaps it was a successful strategy when we had Russ Grim: bring in run blockers and let Grimm coach them up in pass protection. Then JRob never adjusted to Carter/Vrabel's scheme change and personnel preferences?

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3 minutes ago, Jas said:

JRob drafted Radunz, who is a much better pass blocker than run blocker.  It was the staff who decided not to use him because of that.


True albeit Radunz was not just better at pass blocking, he graded as one of the worst run blockers in the NFL...and apparently can only play on the left side....and he was not a stud in terms of pass blocking.

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