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Titans will pick 11th in the 2023 draft

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I don’t see Young or Stroud being worth it.

I’ll tell ya what….I’d have to be awfully desperate for a new QB and reeeeeeally fall in love with a draft prospect before entertaining the idea of trading Simmons to get him.   I think it’s

Let the jokes ensue

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2 minutes ago, AvgJoe said:

Clay Travis, who has bitched incessantly about the AJB trade, is now advocating the Titans trade Simmons and #11 to the Bears for the chance to pick Young

Seems like a good idea to me, which means I need to re-evaluate since Clay Travis seems to agree lol.  

That would be the only way we outbid Carolina though, by throwing in the high level veteran player. 

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2 minutes ago, oldschool said:


As much as I love Simmons If all it takes to move up to take the top QB prospect is Simmons and 11th overall you do it and not think twice

 Hint: it would take way more.

What about Simmons + number 11 and our 2024 first. 

Then you still do it. 

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1 minute ago, Mythos27 said:

The defense would implode overnight. I wouldn't do it. Find the trade capital elsewhere. 

Plus wasn't one of the points for trading Brown, so  you could save money to sign Simmons ?  People here underestimate the ability to be able to rush the passer from the interior.

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