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TitansReport has been Acquitted on all charges. Malik Willis is a damn trouble maker.


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10 hours ago, ctm said:

Part of the problem is that a prospect with Willis's lack of development belongs as a #3 QB, not a #2.  He was then thrust into a role he clearly wasn't ready for.


If the Titans had a viable #2, there would be no criticism of Willis at this point.

Makes sense to me.

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Willis ain't the unfairly bashed QB on this roster

Well, he sucks. You're supposed to bash players that suck. 

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18 hours ago, Number9 said:


But when you attack me, give some examples of how other players have received this same treatment.

I did not say this lightly.  I asked, when has any third round pick received a bashing before he took the field.  If this is normal, then surely some Titans player has received this type welcome.


Whether you are willing to see it or not, dumping on a 3rd round p-r-o-j-e-c-t pick before he takes a snap is well outside normal.  If it was normal, in 20 years of rookies you should have some examples.  One Example?  I doubt you can find this kind of B.S. anywhere in the NFL.

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12 hours ago, flaming_thumbtack said:

The funny and annoying thing about the discussion around Willis is that it comes down to a fundamental misunderstanding of what the pick was.

The people posting here are knowledgeable of this.  They know he's a P-R-O-J-E-C-T. 


There is a certain amount of character I strive for and bashing any kid for getting drafted in the 3rd round isn't on my bucket list.  Maybe if Willis was white, I'd shit on him.  Bull fucking shit.  I just expect more from this board.


Their responses sound like the people who said in the 1960's, "Our coloreds are happy with things just like they are."    


Treat others as you would like to be treated.  You have to reach a level of empathy to do that, first you have to understand you are treating someone worse than you would want to be treated.  You have to have a high enough level of consciousness to realize when you are taking shit too far.


I do not say these things lightly.  This is my group.  You are my Titans family.  I will take any kind of pushback I get because I try to live my truth.  Yes, it's a football message board.  Wrong is wrong, no matter the flimsy excuse.

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13 hours ago, ctm said:

This is nothing compared to what @OILERMAN posted about Chris Sanders who was also a 3rd rounder.

Did he start before his rookie training camp?  Did he spend time bringing his name up after a big win that Sanders didn't even play in?  I suspect the answer would be, what sense would it make to even do that?

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2 hours ago, Justafan said:

People hated the pick and with good reason.  It's absolutely mind boggling that some people truly believe that others shouldn't be allowed to have an opinion about someone or criticize a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL PLAYER MAKING MILLIONS because someone might take it the wrong way.  


Of all the offensive things people say on purpose on this board... you take the legitimate takes and get mad about that?  Fuck off man.  

On one hand you keep saying he is a project, then they put him in after a few games when Tanne goes down. That is not a project, and it is pure madness. I am certain he cashed the checks the Titans wrote him.  Look at all the shit Woodside got and he hasn't even played in a game. Tanne was roasted for the Cincy game, and called all kinds of terrible names, and he has been the best QB the Titans have ever had. He is a top 5 QB in wins since he started here. I think there was so much hype about him that those people are pissed he wasn't what they thought he was.  But you should leave race out of this.  There are plenty of players of both colors that get roasted on here all the time, and players of both colors that people think are great. Don't sink that low.

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  • Number9 changed the title to TitansReport has been Acquitted on all charges. Malik Willis is a damn trouble maker.

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