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Detroit was stupid to play for overtime instead of going for it on 4th and 1. They're 4-6. They had nothing to lose. Instead they played scared.  There's a reason why bad teams lose games.

Okay, and now I have a spot to put this. Almost made me spit out my coffee:  

One of the great mysteries this year is how the Titans managed to allow 29% of their total rushing yards allowed this season in that Giants game week 1.

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49 minutes ago, 10 A See said:


Expected after Zach's press conference. Colts 2023 starter?




Back in the day you g guys didn't get the starting role until 3-4 years in the league. Aaron Rodgers is kind of the last QB to do that. These teams could be hurting potential greatness starting them so early. Very rarely is a player ready as a rookie or even after the first year. If I was the Jets I would of had Flacco start no matter what and let Zach learn on the sideline from a veteran. Regardless, Flacco is still a SB winning QB and was solid for years.

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Chiefs and Titans have their divisions pretty much locked up already..,,but things  are gonna get real interesting down the stretch for in the AFC East and North.  

As of today, the entire AFC East is either 7-3 or 6-4.   At least one of them (and likely  two) will miss the playoffs entirely. 

The 7-3 Ravens currently hold the H2H tiebreaker over the 6-4 Bengals…they’ll square off  again in the regular season finale.  But the Ravens are entering the easiest stretch of their schedule while the Bengals have some tough sledding ahead….that race could also be pretty much over in  the next couple weeks.  

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