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Titans vs Bengals Week 12 Discussion

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Need to get Downing on the sauce early if we're gonna pull this off

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The key to this game is the O has to play Titans football.  If they could pull off another ten minute possession, it would be awesome.  Get the running game going so they can get Derrick his carries.  Then Ryan can just pick them apart at their weaknesses like he took advantage of @GB.


The D has some injury issues.  They have good depth, but the depth isn't as good as the starting rotation.  As they rotate the DL, we are talking about our deep depth.  They can do it, but don't put the game in their hands.  Especially not too quickly.  Keep them on the bench, mean, vicious and mad at anybody they can hit.  


The average score against this D is 16pts, excluding the Bills game.  Simmons looked to be showing some wear, keep him well.  Seventeen or below is doable.  The Offense game the Bengals some film to study, so they will have to protect more of the field.  The TE throws will be there.  Get the RBs in the passing game.

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32 minutes ago, IrishTitansFan said:

Here is a list of the QBs the Bengals have faced thus far


Mitch Trubisky

Joe Flacco

Cooper Rush

(Mostly) Teddy Bridgewater

Lamar Jackson

Andy Dalton

Marcus Mariota

Jacoby Brissett

Baker Mayfield

Kenny Pickett


I don't think the defense is quite as good as those numbers indicate and certainly not top 10


Thought the same heading into the divisional round playoff game last year.



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If Daley can hold up Tanny could have a day outside the numbers with Burks and Chig.  It is a big if.  Cincy's best CB Chidobe Awuzie has a torn ACL and Eli Apple is very easy to pick on,  Their third CB Hilton is solid and played great in the playoff game but I think Phillips short area quicks could be an advantage.  Kenny Pickett lit up Cincy's DBs.  Harris ran for 90 yds too.  Recently cornerback is a position the Bengals DC now has to work around

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4 hours ago, AussieTitanFan08 said:


Thought the same heading into the divisional round playoff game last year.



We beat ourselves more than they beat us. Just a screwed up game trying to get Henry back up to speed. Not the place to do it. a win or you are out game. Combine that with Vrabel being conservative and predictable and a recipe for disaster. 9 sacks but gave up 378 passing. Missing some balance there. Can't wait to see if he learned anything, and how much better we should look with these new receivers.  Hope the injury report is very small. Curious we had two weeks off before we met them last time, now 10 days. 

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Always amazes me when TR has it out for someone so they refuse to give them credit for any of the good and dish out all of the blame if it's bad.  Downing CLEARLY was calling the plays.  The big difference was that the pass protection was good, receivers played well, and they didn't have a complete retard scrub playing QB.  When Vrabel says things like "we have to be better around the QB" or "players are more important than plays", he's being completely honest but most of the trash media is too dumb to figure that out.


Before Downing, it was Bowen.  Before that it was Carter, Arthur (Mariota games), Vrabel, LaFleur, Mularkey, Robiskie......


Hell we even see folks blame Vrabel for players they don't like even though Robinson has complete personnel control.


In the same vein, there's way too big a crowd that will never acknowledge Tannehill's good play is independent of Derrick Henry.  The guy balled out vs GB and it's all because of Henry!  On a bunch of big pass plays, Henry wasn't even on the field (see @Jas shared clip)......Peter King even made Henry one of his offensive players of the week.....and Henry was solid sure but LOL.  The media narrative will never go away.

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