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Just watched the mid-credits scene (after watching the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special).  Makes sense.  I like how it wasn't some "Marvel" surprise introducing a new character.  ...But I suppose if someone were to watch all of the Star Wars content in chronological order, it would be a surprise.  


In reference to the droid, I really liked this one.  His name is too on the nose, though.  Be too emo?  But it works, because things like that are way better than just random letters/numbers.  

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I liked it, but a number of episodes just dragged on. It didn't feel like Star Wars, but then maybe second tier/third tier shows shouldn't necessarily carry that attachment. I disagree that they shouldn't, but I can understand the argument to the contrary.

Andor isn't really the show I'm looking for though. Mando is great for what it is and I'm looking forward to what they have in store in season 3, but the show I'm really looking for is Ahsoka. I just hope they don't do to that show what they did to Kenobi. Kenobi was such a let down to expectation. It was great seeing Ewan and Hayden back on screen, but their reunion was so disjointed, weird, and completely overshadowed by Lil Leia and that completely unnecessary inquisitor chick character.


I really hope the rumor that Kathleen Kennedy was fired or is stepping down soon is true. I'm not going to hold my breath, because Disney is completely afflicted by ESG-syndrome. But what they need to do is put Lucas Film back under control of someone who actually gives a shit about getting Star Wars as a whole back on track. If he'd be willing I'd put George Lucas back in as president for a couple years to refocus everything and then have someone like Jon Favreau come in to take it from there. And give Dave Filoni a LOT more creative control. The guy has fucking earned it. The best episode of Book of Boba was the one he directed.

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