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Week 3 Raiders vs Titans Discussion


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This iteration of the offense has been in decline since the end of 2020, I remember having heated debates for suggesting there was a major issue coming in the fact JRob hadn't adequately replaced the


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13 minutes ago, Doogie said:

Where did we hear that Lewan has a torn ACL?


While it hasn't been officially confirmed yet Buck Reising who is pretty close to Lewan and Compton is reporting the expectation is he is done for the year, looking at the video of the injury and the non contact nature of it that has all the hallmarks of a torn ACL.

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2 minutes ago, oldschool said:

The Raiders offense could be a problem if the good Carr shows up.

Adams is going to feast, I don't think Carr is going to have to make a whole lot of 'wow' plays. Plus Waller. Ugh. Depending on Dupree, he might have all day to throw regardless. 


I don't feel so good.

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Just now, oldschool said:

This game reeks of desperation on both sides. neither team can really afford to go 0-3. you know the Raiders are going to be pissed at blowing the Cardinals game last week too.


Given the division they are in their season is basically done if they fall to 0-3 where purely based on a putrid AFC South the Titans would be in a bad position but not done yet.



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