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TR Dynasty 2022 (both leagues)

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Since I guess most don't have push notifications enabled on the Sleeper app (or maybe don't even have it installed), free agency is happening for both leagues this week.


Waivers were going to clear Wednesday morning at 2am, but since I'm not sure how many people are actually on the app right now I will push waivers down to clear Friday morning at the same time. Waivers will typically clear on Wednesday mornings during the season. You'll need to get your rosters cut down to within allowable limits to be able to make waiver claims.


FYI, from now on, just so everyone is on the same page, any "roster cut down deadline" is going to be 3 days after preseason ends, which coincides with when free agency will begin.

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7 hours ago, NashvilleNinja said:


Name changes don't count as waiver processes. Although in your case I ought to make you spend FAAB every time you do.


I didn't want any players, so not having any waiver picks, and not getting any, I got my picks, so my waivers were processed. 



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