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2022 General Election Midterms: Dems Hold Senate; R's Take The House


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The two parties are nothing close to the same. The Dems are flawed but actually try and govern and pass bills that helps citizens even if influenced by money. The Dems don't do enough.    Th

The poor MAGA supporters rely exclusively  on conservative news outlets and Facebook feeds as their only sources of news and information….and since they insist on surrounding themselves with nothing b

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1 hour ago, headhunter said:

If it were true?? 

obviously it's not true.


you ever seen the fat ass bitches that walk into Golden Corral? walk around any small southern town and you're lucky to see on attractive person. 


you think they are democrats?!? He'll fucking no. It's fat ass ugly ass people ... and they are allllll Republican. 

I guarantee on a fatness by party measurement the Dems are much thinner. 


the yoga bitches are like 90% democrat. White democrats are more health conscious with food decisions. 

Pretty much every model and actress is a dem or liberal. 95 % of europe is even further left than the Dems here and they are a flush in absolute smoke shows. 

Republican hot is layers and layers of makeup with false eyelashes on a chunky bitch dressed slutty. 

the fact you two are dumb enough to think this is real Just speaks more to how propagandized you are. 

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2 hours ago, begooode said:




If we assume Fox News is reporting factually accurate and truthful information , one can only surmise that violent crime instantly decreased by 60% as soon as it was announced that the Dems kept the Senate .

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Crazy Trumper, AZ Fraudit champion says the quiet part out loud. Sorry if already posted.  25 seconds of realization that will quickly get pushed down because it impedes the grift machine.  Maga types get themselves all hyped in their high energy get togethers, that they blindly overestimate their total numbers. (Looking at you, hockey fans?  zing!)


Then when reality hits, ‘it’s gotta be fraud, cuz all the websites, and everyone I know….’ without taking stock that they’ve just said the problem statement, not the justification.


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On 11/15/2022 at 7:39 PM, Starkiller said:


Raphael Warnock’s campaign sued Georgia on Tuesday after the state said it would not offer Saturday early voting for the closely watched runoff in which Warnock is seeking re-election to the US Senate.


The suit challenges the state’s interpretation of a law that would prohibit early voting on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving is also a state holiday in Georgia, originally to commemorate Robert E Lee, the Confederate civil war general. In 2015, state officials dropped Lee’s name and started recognizing the day simply as a “state holiday”.


Lawyers for Warnock’s campaign argued that the voting prohibition only applies to primary and general elections, not runoffs, which have a much shorter voting period. Last year, Georgia Republicans passed a law shortening the runoff period from nine weeks to four. But the shortened runoff period is coming into conflict with the state law that bars early voting around holidays.


A judge ruled that Georgia law allows Saturday voting before the runoff for the U.S. Senate, finding that polling places can open even though they follow state holidays on Thanksgiving and the day afterward that years ago honored Robert E. Lee’s birthday.


Fulton County Superior Court Judge Thomas Cox decidedFriday that state law permits counties to offer voting Nov. 26, finding in favor of Democratic U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock’s campaign.


County governments may now choose to offer residents an opportunity to vote on that Saturday in addition to five mandatory weekdays of early voting the following week.

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Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, a centrist Republican, won a fourth full term on Wednesday, according to The Associated Press, overcoming a conservative backlash against her independent streak and her vote to convict former President Donald J. Trump for incitement of insurrection after the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021.


Ms. Murkowski was declared the winner after securing more than 50 percent of the vote, a mandated threshold under the state’s new ranked-choice system. She defeated Kelly Tshibaka, a conservative rival backed by Mr. Trump and the state Republican Party, and Pat Chesbro, a Democrat.

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