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I built a simulation of this year's NFL season. It showed two things (if Titans in superbowl) and

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4 hours ago, SleepingTitan said:

I ran a similar analysis using spectral regressive graphing with an emphasis on redundancy. 



If the Titans win the division, they will once again force Irsay to consider another $100M worth of worthless guitars. 

Your bullshit tldr is longer than your bullshit science lol

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Using string game theory and quantum physics I have determined that the Titans will run the ball alot during obvious running downs, DH22's foot is not totally healed, and Vrabel will have a higher than normal "fatty" rate this season. Shocking results

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I thought about doing a claymation of two guys playing Madden on franchise mode.  

Well, actually only one guy was playing Madden;  the other guy spent the whole time on his phone playing Fruit Ninja and Wordle. 

Pretty intense stuff.  

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