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Are the Titans a top 5 defense?

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At what point did the Bills have 5 straight scoring drives?

The Titans have an elite run defense and can rush the passer with only 4. That equates to a very good defense.    They need to force more turnovers. 

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Of this year? Definitely... as long as we stay healthy at least. Would like another LB/ CB just for depth and hedging injury recoveries.


of course and if the offense can't do shit to stay on the field then we won't nearly look as good as we really are on D. 

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Bills are not close to a top D any longer.  TN is built to stop teams both ways.  Bills got lit up against great run and pass teams last year

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What sucks is the Titans can never put it all together. No decade under any coaching regime lol. We can never have a great offense or defense. Or even a great Defense and good offense or vice versa. Either 1 is good and the other sucks lol. I have a feeling our defense is going to be really good and the offense is going to be mediocre lol. But with Derrick Henry back hopefully he is able to keep our offense running. I'd start that other QB though.

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