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Jan 6th Hearings


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Biden isn't the head of a cult that attempted to overturn a democratically-held election to keep their power structure and bruised egos intact.

Someone help me understand this:   For the past 2+ years, Republicans have been pounding the table and screaming at the top of their lungs about a stolen election, election fraud, fake/fraud

Every single witness thus far has been a Republican with the possible exception of the last ones yesterday.   So much for "partisan sham."

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Mark Meadows -- your turn in the barrel, you traitorous pos


The House hearings on the Jan. 6 riots have cast an unflattering spotlight on Mark Meadows, dealing one blow after another to the former Republican congressman-turned-White House chief of staff.


Many revelations from the Jan. 6 hearings have reflected poorly on Meadows, but no testimony has been as damaging as that of Cassidy Hutchinson, who on Tuesday depicted a man who spent key moments leading up to the violence on Jan. 6 scrolling through his phone and declining to intervene at key moments.


Chris Whipple, who authored a book on White House chiefs of staff, wrote an op-ed in January 2021 declaring Meadows the worst chief of staff of all-time. Whipple said in an interview Wednesday that Hutchinson’s testimony only solidified Meadows’s claim to the dubious title.


“We didn’t know the half of it until yesterday when Cassidy Hutchinson testified,” Whipple said. “And what we now know is he wasn’t just a sycophant or missing in action when he should have been telling the president hard truths, he was a co-conspirator.”



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2 hours ago, Titans279 said:

We’ve had moments where it seemed like it would be over for Trump but he survived. I’ll need more than a few editorials to be convinced this is the end. 

The key here is IF indeed Hutchinson’s testimony is true (which I believe it to be) and Meadows and Cipollone are forced to testify under oath, they both become culpable and possibly charged with multiple felonies. This represents the first time Trump's inner circle has been penetrated. This could easily become the rats turning on each other in plea bargaining agreements. This is the most significant and damaging testimony yet. Prior to now Trump's closest allies have been able to escape testimony/prosecution but this has taken a serious turn south. Trump tweets about her testimony being lies on his social media platform, meanwhile SHE testifies under oath, not him. Meadows and Cipollone seats just got very hot.

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