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Georgia Tech 222 Cumberland 0

9 Nines

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I heard about this game today.  It is interesting.   In 1916, Cumberland, having financial difficulties, canceled its football program.  To keep athletic spirits alive, a popular athlete on campus put together a baseball team with most of the team being minor league players.   They beat Georgia Tech 22 to 0 or something.

Then football season started.  All other colleges on Cumberland's schedule agreed to no game since Cumberland had ended its team, but not Georgia Tech.  Its coach Heisman threatened to sue Cumberland for $3000, which the school did not have, if it did not play the game.  So the same student who got minor league baseball players on the school's baseball team, got a football team together for that one game. 


The interesting thing in the story is Cumberland did not give up because if it forfeited at any point, the $3K bill would be received.   Toward end of game, maybe after it was 200 to 0, Cumberland's team built a human ladder where a small player scrambled up to block a Georgia Tech field goal but instead of blocking it with his hands, he was too high up and the ball was blocked with his face and broke his nose. 





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