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Rookie Mini Camp Updates

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Can’t wait to see practice clips so I can finally feel confident in my opinion about our future QB1, WR1, RB1, LT1, and TE1. 

Sounds like Kyle Phillips was the early star out of the rookies    

Willis seemed very likeable and personable in all the interviews and in the presser   The total opposite of that mental midget socially awkward retard Marcus Mariota 

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24 minutes ago, rns90 said:

Why does this dude need an inhaler, he's in his early 20s?

Ever heard of asthma?  I have been on an inhaler since I was 10.  You can be in the best shape ever and an asthma attack can come out of nowhere 

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5 minutes ago, BTiger3733 said:

I'd be shocked if he had to stop due to being out of shape. They weren't doing drills that would put that much metabolic stress on him. Had to have been asthma related.

The heat could be a factor. Mcreary looked out of it too 

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3 hours ago, AussieTitanFan08 said:

Sounds like Kyle Phillips was the early star out of the rookies



I fully expect Philips to be able to contribute right away. The rookie WRs who are route running technicians routinely are the ones who are most likely to contribute immediately. That fits Philips' play from UCLA. He doesn’t have a huge ceiling based on sheer athleticism (quickness aside), but I feel like he can be a reliable slot target for Tannehill immediately.

I have concerns about Burks getting up to speed quickly because he wasn’t known as a polished route runner. He will win based on size and athletic ability, but he is going to have to work on his routes.

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2 hours ago, Stan said:

Oh god not another out of shape receiver… idc if it’s overreaction, titans ability to find receivers has been subpar compared to other teams we’ve had issues with drafting terribly at that position for years outside of Mason, Brown and finding a gem in Drew Bennett. It’s not overreaction to the action 


I was listening to a post draft show.  In the show they talked about how many receivers the Steelers have drafted in the last ten years.  As I recall it was 18 receivers in the first five rounds or something , the league average was in single digits I think.   After talking about that Steelers situation one of the announcers said only one team has drafted more...the Titans. 

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