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What's everyone want to see this weekend?

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What is everybody hoping for? Honestly I don't really care who wins or loses. We have beaten some really good teams this year with a depleted roster and missing Derrick Henry. This team managed to limp to a 1st Rd bye vs an AFC that wasn't nearly as banged up and depleted as we were at times. No team really worries me due to the facts I just mentioned. We even added solid players in Cunningham and Skreen. I think the most dangerous team is actually the Bengals. Joe Burrow is confident and they have 3 really talented wide receivers.

However, Joe Burrow lacks NFL playoff experience and I think our Dline would have a field day with their Oline should we play them down the road. Obviously Belichick is Belichick, but they caught us at a bad time in the regular season, and they have a rookie QB. Playoff football is different. 


KC doesn't worry me, but seeing an unlikely Steeler upset wouldn't disappoint me none lol. Even though I hate the Steelers. If Steelers don't win, atleast we know the physical Steelers will bang them up. 


Today I will be going and getting my stuff ready and enjoying some playoff football. 



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I wanna see you fuck off and migrate to GoTitans this weekend.

Careful scine will complain about us wishing injuries on other teams!

I've been meaning to post this......   @scine09   Admit that either laughing other team's injuries has no bearing or it in fact helped reverse karma the Titans into having one of t

19 minutes ago, Jamalisms said:

KC lose. I'm mixed on the rest of the team's and they're all dangerous for different reasons but I'd really like KC to get bounced.


Yeah you're right. Every team has their strengths and weaknesses. Oddly I think Cinci is the most dangerous. Simply because I think It's difficult to defend against 3 good wideouts. However I think we have the perfect formula to defeat that team, which is a good pass rush. I still think KC is the biggest threat out of all the other teams.

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