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Kerry Coombs Out at Ohio State


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Speaking of Washburn, I recently met Wash at the Lowes near where I live. He was in line with his wife, right in front of me and I recognized him and started a conversation with him. I told him I used

He took a promotion.  That hardly counts as "quitting"

I would agree that we don't really need him, but that is quite an idiotic position to take on quitting.  

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Mixed feelings.  Back half of D has this system down well with Titans now.  I would have to trust Vrabel to know if what Coombs brings is what the Titans need.


He seems to be a real "Rah Rah Guy" that could wear out his welcome with Pros fast, but this is only me looking from the outside looking in.

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49 minutes ago, Jonboy said:

Any chance Vrabel would look to bring him back? And would he want to be back?

In what capacity? We seem to have the secondary covered pretty well already.


Anyway, he quit. Why would we want him back?

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I could see him back potentially, but probably in a different role. Some kind of Senior Defensive Assistant maybe. 


Could just as easily see him taking another college gig or going with Art Smith or Bill O'Brien (who Vrabel and his family vacation with). 


If Midget were to go with O'Brien though, Vrabel could replace him with Coombs. But I think Midget is better for experienced NFL players. Coombs better for a young inexperienced group. 

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