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Around the NFL: Super WildCard Weekend


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The real irony of it was all that illegal surveillance was ordered by a racist, cross dressing repressed facist. Wonder if that had anything to do with the reports written specifically for his eyes.

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1 hour ago, AussieTitanFan08 said:

No idea how Boger continues to get playoff games both the Raiders and Bengals should be nervous that his crew will come up with a head scratching call that is significant in that game.

You know why. Goodell knows how to put the right man on the assignment. They want their boy Burrow in -- and that despicable sore Raidernation out. 

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1 hour ago, Supernope said:

Hoping Boger is going to Boger in that game.  Would much prefer Raiders to Cincy

We'll get the Pats when Buffalo's overrated ass gets reduced to rubble. 


And the prophecy that the Bills are done by the time Titans play their first game will be fulfilled. @logicals

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32 minutes ago, AussieTitanFan08 said:



I love poor use of stats, something we see all the time here. never-mind the fact  4 years is too small of a sample size. If you look at the overall numbers the past five years, the team that wins the superbowl is in the top 5 in DVOA aside from the Eagles who were #7. so while yes technically accurate, the tweet above conveniently ignores the Pats 3-0 run in 2016 which I'm sure was on purpose to make the number look worse.  


Moral of the story? beware hot takes on twitter.


2016 Patriots, 3-0 Won superbowl

2017 Saints 1-1, lost in divisional round

2018 Chiefs 1-1, lost AFC championship

2019 Ravens 0-1, lost divisional round

2020 Saints 1-1, lost divisional


2016 Patriots #1

2017 Eagles DVOA #5

2018 Patriots DVOA #7

2019 Chiefs DVOA #4

2020 Buc DVOA #2


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3 hours ago, Supernope said:

Hoping Boger is going to Boger in that game.  Would much prefer Raiders to Cincy

Amen to that. Raiders can rush the passer. That's their only hope for winning. Bengals are 6-1/2 point favs. The Raiders are on a roll though. The Bengals will be a tough out at home.  

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2 hours ago, titaninpgh said:

Rooting for Raiders, Chiefs, and Bills this week. 

Because I crave chaos, and a week of Mariota-returns-to-Nashville discourse would affirm my faith in football entropy. 

Why chiefs and bills? 

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1 hour ago, Starkiller said:

The good news is that we realistically will know who we are playing by the end of Saturday night

I don't like Big Ben but I'm hoping for a little storybook sequel to the Ravens game. 

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