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Invasion of Ukraine: SCALP Missile Destroys Russian Corvette Class Ship


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Do you know how fucking stupid you sound spouting this shit right now? 

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Ukrainian forces have gained control of the Dnipro left bank’s floodplain in Kherson Oblast, forcing the Russians to build new defensive lines on hills farther from the river, former Aidar Battalion company commander Yevhen Dykyi told Radio NV.


"In fact, the Dnipro floodplain is effectively under Ukrainian control. And now the Russians are trying to prevent any further steps. They have essentially ceded the floodplain to us, but they are trying to dig in and fortify themselves where the terrain begins to rise. Although it's not accurate to call them hills, there is a slight elevation compared to the mostly flat terrain. At the moment, they are trying to dig in, fortify themselves, and establish some sort of defensive line along this elevation," Dykyi said, noting that the Russians have nothing similar to the so-called Surovikin defensive line.

Ukrainian forces have successfully deployed three brigades on the left bank of the Dnipro River in Kherson Oblast as the broader southern counteroffensive culminated, The Guardian reported on Nov. 16, citing unnamed Western officials.


The marine infantry officially confirmed on Nov. 17 that Ukrainian fighters had secured several beachheads on the occupied left bank of the Dnipro. More than a thousand occupiers and dozens of pieces of equipment were destroyed during the operation.

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