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Invasion of Ukraine: SCALP Missile Destroys Russian Corvette Class Ship


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I'm sure everyone has seen that Russia has 100k troops amassed at the Ukrainian border, and US intel suspects they will invade in January. Blinken spent a couple days this week meeting with NATO ministers on a strategy forward. Belarus has mobilized their mechanized division on their border in support of Russian forces as well. 


The US is weighing sending in military advisors and weapons such as javelin anti tank missiles, mig choppers, missile defense systems, etc. and NATO is preparing a large sanctions package that will trigger if Russian forces invade (Like Putin gives a shit). 

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Do you know how fucking stupid you sound spouting this shit right now? 

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9 hours ago, luvyablue256 said:

I still don't understand why Putin hasn't been bagged & tagged by the CIA yet. 

With the exception of Trump, we don’t assassinate foreign government officials. 

And obviously Trump wasn’t going to kill his boss…

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3 minutes ago, headhunter said:

Putin probably thinks it would be worth sanctions in the long run to have Ukraine 




They need to get massive weapons support into Ukraine and American "military advisors" on the ground as an additional deterrent as well. 

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