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14 hours ago, WG53 said:

Oh look more spam from the retard 🙄

Such a sick burn. Couldn't come up with something clever or even better? Brain isn't working is it?


Story time. I used to use the word "retarded" a lot in my youth. It was just a term adapted from school that our school age used for some reason. I carried this term with me over into my adult working career. In my early 20's, I used the term when I couldn't find something saying, "Man this is so retarded." A middle aged man looked at me and frowned and said, "Some people might find that term offensive". I agreed and thought nothing more of it. A few months later I saw him in public guiding his severe mentally challenged daughter by the arm. I was more than humbled that day. In fact, I was sick at my stomach over it. I vowed to myself never to use that word again in any derogatory context or even in conversation at all.  You should do the same but then again you suck at insulting people.

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