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Gruden Stepping Down as Raiders Coach

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Well racists, sexists, and homophobes often get caught saying lots of racist, sexist, and homophobic shit. The rest of us do not because we just don’t have any reason to say racist, sexist, or homopho

The AA community took over the word and made it into a semi-ironic colloquial phrase amongst themselves - there is power in this. And it's up to them whether it is appropriate to use within the AA com

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its the Raiders.... IF they actually did think about firing Gruden. it wont be before the NFL completes its investigation and any suspension is doled out. Also, when this email was sent in 2011 Gruden wasn't employed by the NFL in any capacity. He was a broadcaster for ESPN.

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2 hours ago, unauthorizedcinnamon said:

I predict that by sometime today afternoon the Raiders will announce that Gruden has been fired.



Not a chance in hell you dumb fuck. Gruden isn’t going anywhere. 

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52 minutes ago, heyitsmeallen said:

Also, when this email was sent in 2011 Gruden wasn't employed by the NFL in any capacity. He was a broadcaster for ESPN.

In this current social climate, that doesn’t matter.

And you can legally fire anyone at any time in most circumstances.

Unless you can claim discrimination or prove that you were being fired for a specific incident that you  not do, there’s really not much you can do about it.

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1 hour ago, NFL2K5 said:

I'm not a knee jerk type guy or easily offended. I honestly don't care if they do or don't fire him. However, Id request to be traded if I was a player. I don't put up with racism from anybody, whether it's white directed at blacks or black directed at whites. It's all ignorant trash I refuse to be around lol.

why, because he was mad at a guy and pointed out his big lips?   That does not make one racist.

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Just now, Little Earl said:

it is offensive, but doesn’t make it racist as NFL25k said.

When someone makes comments like that, it says a lot about their character and what they think of black people. Also his apology sucked ass. There are so many other things you can insult about a person. If you choose to insult a black person based on something that has been a racist trope, you can't blame people for being upset.


Little Earl, quick question, would you talk about a coworkers physical features in a professional email ever?

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