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Vrabel right now on the Mike Vrabel radio show being brutally honest about what the Titans are facing this week in the Bills he also said if they play against the Bills like they did against the Jags they will be beaten by 3+ touchdowns.


Vrabel also rattled off a list of areas the Bills are the best in the NFL at


- #1 scoring defense

- #1 total defense

- #1 scoring offense

- #1 redzone offense

- #1 forcing turnovers

- #1 turnover differential 

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Was snooping on the BIlls board and saw this, brought a smile to my face:

Just a gut feel, but I think the Titans play their best game of the year thus far.

Bills fan here.  I joined today simply to apologize for the knucklehead trolls spewing BS in your forum.  They absolutely do not represent true Bills fandom.  I am hopeful for a Bills win, and wouldn'

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6 minutes ago, ChemEngr79 said:

We seem to always win a game we have no business winning and losing to some carcass of a dead team that shouldn't have a prayer...


The Bills could easily be the former. The Jets certainly were the latter...

Forget about the Seahawks already buddy? I think that was our one that we win where no one thinks it's possible. 

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