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Thank you Nashville- Titans Fans!

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3 hours ago, CardsDingus said:

Thanks for letting me join your page!  Although I didn't get any takers on my quest for a tailgate here, I did manage to get an invite off the Titans Facebook Page, so I met a great family of Titan fans and had a wonderful Sunday in Nashville!!  For starters.. I loved the city.. people were super friendly, and the food!!!  I had Hattie B's & Central BBQ while I was in town from Arizona and WOW... that was spectacular. I'll give Nissan Stadium a "meh" as a venue-  probably because I'm used to State Farm Stadium and air conditioning. Getting a lemonade at halftime was an epic adventure. 

As for the game... it's hard to evaluate.  Are we that good?  Are the Titans that bad?  I think it's somewhere in the middle. Your offensive coordinator did you no favors with his game planning.  You can't wait until 17-0 to change your attack in the NFL, especially when it's clear that the other team's offense is moving.  I think the general consensus here was to underestimate our D-line and secondary.  The thought was that Henry and Brown/Jones would have their way.  Byron Murphy Jr. is ascending into a premier shut down corner in this league.  Folks here knew that was coming. I was impressed with rookie Marco Wilson, he played solid. Isaiah Simmons is going to be a monster for us this year. He blew up Henry a number of times on Sunday. That was good to see. 

Anyway-  get a little better protection up front- you won't face Chandler Jones again this year-  and it should be ok. I hope it all comes together for you in Seattle. 


Best of luck on the rest of your season and TITAN UP!!! 

The stadium was really hopping and jumping when it was new, but it was always a blue collar sort of design even though it has a good deal of club seating with great view lines; it was also done on a budget, the whole thing with road improvements was around $250 million. It hasn't aged well at all and the improvements that have been made haven't been near enough to offset it's aging; I was actually shocked after returning from a few years abscence how much it's deteriorated.. The egress situation was never great and has gotten worse. The Club level is decent and they get on site parking; it's like they don't care about anyone else, especially those in the cheap seats.

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1 hour ago, prometheus said:

Very classy.   This ol'timer welcomes you to come back to just chat anytime.



Thank you!  I will probably do just that.  The Titans are going to face every team in the NFC West this year, with Seattle next week. It'll be interesting, I think to hear this fanbase's perspective on how we stack up.  It's fascinating to me that this year the Cardinals play the AFC South and NFC North, and between those two divisions, the Houston Texans are the only team to taste Week 1 victory. I think, fairly confidently, that we'd all agree Houston is the worst team in the NFL. ( I still marvel at them giving us Hopkins for David Johnson- and Bill O'Brien swears he doesn't use drugs) I think the Titans will be fine. I don't believe in Carson Wentz, at all, so I think the Colts are mediocre at best. The Jags and Texans are what they are, so I see you easily winning the South. 

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