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Casey is one of my all-time favorite Titans. I think he was especially important to the psyche of the team post Haynesworth. 

He was a breath of fresh air, really, a leader by example, and let’s face it, more often than not by way of suspect drafting, but still, he stuck and rose, and he’ll always be remembered for being a bright spot while the organization dog paddled it’s way through being bad to decent to good to better.


There’s a pretty long stretch where Casey exemplified the best of the Titans organization. Salute brother.

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He was a great Titan. I wish he had been part of the new winning Titans teams for more than just at the end of his career after years of futility. 

Thanks for your years as a Titan 99! 

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Bummer that he’ll likely be forgotten in a few years. He might have been a HOFer if he’d been on better teams. I had a tinge of hope that he’d spend one last year as pass rushing depth for us but I guess that ACL tear and age did him in. 

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1 hour ago, ChemEngr79 said:

Casey was one of very few bright spots on our team from during the bleak 2012-2015 years...


He will be remembered well as a Titan.


In hindsight JRob nailed the timing on trading Casey as well. 

Yeah, didn't even play last year and now this.

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6 minutes ago, IsntLifeFunny said:

The guy had the sickest ankles of any player his size and build. I thought for sure he was going to snap his knee or Achilles several times watching his sloppy body out crazy torque on those legs.


Easily one of my all time favorites. 

He had such an awkward body LOL. I noticed that right away. He was so top heavy & he skinny little calves & ankles. Look at the picture here, dudes wearing tight jeans & he’s a 6’1 300 lb DT. 

But that’s a great observation you make because so much of scouting now is how guys look & the big combine events, but so many great players have little attributes you would never think of that allows them to do things most others can’t. His lateral quickness & how low he could get because of those flexible ankles was huge. Look at Barry Sanders, there’s been tons of short, squatty backs but those ankles gave him otherworldly cutting ability.


Another guy I think of sometimes….remember Brandon Lloyd, the WR. He was 6’ 185 & ran a 4.62. Not a great athletic profile. But he was able to twist & contort his body in crazy ways to get his hands on the ball, even when blanketed. And he wound up having a solid 10 year career.  

I have a feeling the better scouts are able to recognize certain traits in certain positions that  aren’t valued or “measured” in combines & pro days.

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31 minutes ago, Face said:

He had such an awkward body LOL. 

If I had a dollar for every time Casey had that butt crack pop out his of uni, I’d retire tomorrow. Jokes aside, Casey was one of the few Titans who gave quotes and backed it up on the field every week. His ability to play with leverage/angles and rarely giving the opposing Olineman much of a target was top tier. No off-season drama either —all team, all the time. Just a great career on mostly not so great teams. I hope he and his family (wife is an attorney, iirc) have a great retirement.

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