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SCOTUS & the Texas abortion law


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Lol angry rednecks scared about Muslims bringing “sharia law” to their country when their own governments basically are religious nuts like them and have installed a form of “sharia law” lmao   

As soon as you start promoting better public schools, free lunches for the poor, and generally improved welfare policies for kids and families I'll start respecting your opinion on why poor women shou

I agree that murdering babies is wrong. Fortunately, abortion isn’t murdering a baby.   And it has everything to do with welfare policies because the primary reason women have an abortion is

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5 minutes ago, Starkiller said:

Did anyone really think that the GOPOTUS was going to block this law?




Just wait until this GOP funded faux outrage over "cRiTicAL rAcE tHeOrY" gets Brown vs. Board gutted. 

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 is all but dead and gone. SCOTUS sure had a lot to say about that!!

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40 minutes ago, Little Earl said:


How about less dead babies.

Gotta make sure those ladies who can’t support kids financially or for other reasons and have made the responsible decision to abort are forced to have them babies!


Then once they are born, make sure all safety nets for those parents and babies are torn down. Hell yeah brother!

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