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2022 Redistricting


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2 hours ago, Little Earl said:

you're such a tool.   Democrats are gerrymandering n Maryland, New Mexico, and Illinois for instance....and no peep from you.

I’m all for eliminating gerrymandering across the country. 


But as long as the GOP is going to do it, Dems should do it too…

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I saw a couple blurbs that the data shows that Georgia is now only 50.1% white.    America as a whole is 58% white, 19% Hispanic, 12% black, and 11% Asian/Other.    Get ready to be

there is a theory floating around that the numbers are artificial due to Trump supporters not wanting to answer the census. it will be interesting to see if that is true or not.

I'm not a fight fire with fire guy but NY dems should absolutely do this.    

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3 hours ago, El Guapo said:

Undermine democracy? You mean like having non citizens vote? Like not having to prove your ballot is yours? 

Identify any non-citizens who were caught voting last year. 

How many cases of voter fraud were committed last year? Like a dozen across the country. And the majority were of course by Republicans.

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55 minutes ago, Titans279 said:


I think Voter ID would be fine. We can also automatically give people IDs for free when they turn 18 and automatically register them to vote at 18 too.


Funny topic. The whole voter ID issue is a classic case of Democrats fighting the wrong battle. They always get sucked into shit like this. Requiring voters to present ID is fine. they should have given in a long time ago and then simply made it easier to obtain ID or use their considerable grass root networks to help voters obtain ID. Hell does anyone here really think obtaining and showing ID wasn't a big part of how all these orgs registered voters? of course we now why the GOP wants to force people to show ID. its clearly a suppression tactic so cut those fuckers off at the knees and agree to it then go out and make sure everyone has one. drawing a line in sand over voter ID is some of the dumbest shit democrats have done in a long time.

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