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No, I don't respect your decision to prolong this pandemic, endanger others and add to the queue of people who may overrun our hospital systems.   It's simply not a reasonable request. It's

You’re so cool.

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1 hour ago, scine09 said:

Titans fans need to learn to stop crowing about other teams' injuries.  The Titans are going to have guys get hurt too.  Then it won't be so funny.

Unless you're superstitious I don't see why this matters. It's not like celebrating their injuries will make it more likely we suffer some. Injuries are about as random as it gets in the NFL. Think the Colts wouldn't throw a parade if Henry or Tanny got hurt? 

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2 hours ago, SleepingTitan said:

I do not agree. Those bastards had Peyton and tanked for Luck. They rubbed it in our faces every single year that they had the better QB. Even to this day, this very board inflates the value of their team. 


Do you not think they were laughing their asses off from VY to Locker to Mariota? We've been through hell. We deserve to trash talk a little. 

Wrong. According to Joe Thomas the Packers fans deserve a Superbowl most. I don't have time to find the link atm.

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3 hours ago, oldschool said:


Not to mention who gives a shit about camp reports? Wake me when the games count.

You also said this when people said it was obvious in preseason Tannehill was better than Mariota 

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Just now, oldschool said:


Exactly. I say it every year. It means nothing.

If you knew what you were looking at it meant something


Nothing was more obvious than RT would be starting very soon after one preseason game 


And if you didn’t, yikes 

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