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The Reconciliation Bill

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If it was Republicans, they would get rid of the filibuster and then, on the last day of their majority, they would sign into law a requirement that the filibuster comes back and never goes away.

AOC, once again, exactly right.        


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57 minutes ago, oldschool said:

What's wrong with this woman?




She's bought and paid for, that's what is wrong with her. 


Part of me just says put a reasonable compromise together with Manchin and put it up for a vote and dare her to vote against it, but then I think she may relish doing the thumbs down McCain thing on the whole package. 


She may actually plan on doing this, which could be why she is so insistent on the infrastructure deal being voted on first. 


If she were to do this, and it were up to me, I'd expel her from the caucus as soon as Dems expanded their Senate majority. 

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It could also be why she is being so coy and nondescript about things, that she wants to goad them into putting it up for a vote so she can have her thumbs down moment in the spotlight. 

She is a rudderless loon, a practiced professional rebel, and a known liar of the nth degree. She has made a career and lifestyle out of rebellion and anti establishment sentiment, it’s her only guiding principle. As soon as her early espoused political principles became the guiding principles of the Democratic Establishment, she had to rebel and become basically a conservative so that she could be in a counter movement. She learned first to rebel against the establishment after growing up as a Mormon and wanting to flip that whole lifestyle on its head - I know all too well how people like this are. 

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