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How are you going to get 3 rebounds off a shot and continue to shoot fucking 3 pointers when a simple jump shot closer to the basket ties the game with France?


The modern day NBA can go fuck itself. It's trash and I am ashamed to see the NBA represent the USA now.

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1 hour ago, AlmostGotIt said:

@Oiler FANatic


Wannabe Zuckerberg/Dorsey banned my latest account again like the hateful, discriminating fuck he is. What was your response to my post about us getting Westbrook? Genuinely curious. 


PS. I posted in the politics forum so I'll prolly be getting the boot again here soon 😂😂


Bitches like @Starkiller @titanruss and others love crying to make believe God and having a role in cancel culture. 



lol wut?

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