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Only half of NFL teams have 51 or more of their players that are vaccinated? That's absurd.

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96% of all practicing physicians have been vaccinated.. what do we know that you don't know ?? you don't want to be on a ventilator your last few weeks of life without your family and loved ones being

The vaccine needs to be mandatory where the government has the authority to enforce it.  If you want to fly, show proof of vaccination.  If you want to teach where public money is involved, get vaccin

The lesson of the last few year is that it takes only a moment to post a lie or some conspiracy theory, but it takes 10 times that to refute it.  You can never keep up.  We just had an entire Presiden

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On 7/12/2021 at 1:08 PM, Bongo59 said:

Today from Eric Clapton:  Eric Clapton is speaking out about the horrors he is now having to endure thanks to his Jab, Clapton reveals how the injection severely damaged his body, forever. He is unsure what will happen with his upcoming fall tour if he is unable to use his hands as normal.


I guess some of you think he is FOS too?


17 minutes ago, Bongo59 said:

Eric Clapton said he would cancel any shows if the venue requires attendees prove they are vaccinated against Covid-19. https://rol.st/3itjJGC

I guess he had a magical recovery from his life altering COVID injection then…

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31 minutes ago, abenjami said:

Well, you are talking about people who also take advice from and trust a guy who did the impossible and bankrupted a casino. 




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On 7/20/2021 at 12:06 PM, SleepingTitan said:

If they stopped counting asymptomatic cases last year, we wouldn't have even had a pandemic 🤣

Yeah... It wouldn't be a pandemic if they ONLY counted the millions of deaths 🙄

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1 hour ago, rns90 said:

The amount of stupidity in this thread by certain posters is staggering.  

The unvaccinated feel like they’re somehow victims inside of this situation. No one is forcing them to be vaccinated. These are the same fucks who refused to wear a mask and acted as if that was something to bitch about. They’re the same ones lauding the last president for creating the vaccine. Their minds are a mess. 

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