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Why this draft class is very exciting

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This draft is very good IMO. You can’t expect to have 8 rookie starters. What you want is a class that can produce 3-4 stars with highly athletic boom or bust guys and this draft supplies that.

Round 1: Caleb Farley, CB, Virginia Tech

(A beast if he gets/stays 100% at our weakest position last year)


Round 2: Dillon Radunz, OT, North Dakota State

(A very competitive, Boom or Bust small school guy brought in to compete)


Round 3: Monty Rice, LB, Georgia

(Very high football IQ guy who can read offenses and fix our communication/assignment problems)


Round 3: Elijah Molden, CB, Washington 

(another smaller, competitive, chance to be a star guy who’s very instinctive and can make plays in the secondary. Drew honey badger comparison)


Round 4: Dez Fitzpatrick, WR, Louisville

(Less excited about this one but you never know)


Round 4: Rashad Weaver, EDGE, Pittsburgh

(had good grades but lacks athletic ability. Seems like he was a safe pick brought in to backup)


Round 6: Racey McMath, WR, LSU

(High athletic development guy who can immediately contribute on special teams)


Round 6: Brady Breeze, S, Oregon

(Another high instinct, effort and athletic guy who had a 38’ vert)



Titans drafted guys who were great football players and athletes & didn’t let size scare them off. I would rather have this draft with guys who can become great than safer picks who have the size and played in the SEC with lackluster tape who’ll get cut in less than 3 years anyway.

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Round 1: Caleb Farley,- as soon as he is deemed ready for contact (should be training camp) he’ll be battling.

I think he’ll be starting before the end of year. Just too good not to.  Pro bowler by year 3.


Round 2: Dillon Radunz, - i think this guy will have skill level and tenacity to start by the halfway point...but probably not the size.  Probably not yet.  I think he’ll need a full season of strength and conditioning. Contributing this year...hopefully starting next 


Round 3: Monty Rice, - purely depth this year, but may HAVE to start next year. Big ?mark.


Round 3: Elijah Molden, - he’ll be starting NB day1. Great grab.


Round 4: Dez Fitzpatrick, - depth/project/ST. Not expecting much this year as least.


Round 4: Rashad Weaver,- good hit. This guy will be in the rotation day 1.  Not a starter...but good depth and will contribute 


Round 6: Racey McMath, - ST


Round 6: Brady Breeze, - ST

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This group has several I could see making it:  


TE Miller Forristall -Alabama

DT NaQuan Jones - Michigan St

FB Tory Carter - LSU  *Blasingame is in trouble

OL Chandon Herring - BYU   *This might be Saffolds replacement next yr.

DL Justus Reed - Virginia Tech

P James Smith - Cincinnati   *Kern is going to have stiff comp in camp

TE Briley Moore - Kansas State   *I had him as a sleeper.  I think he makes roster

K Blake Haubeil - Ohio State   *Kid has a great leg and no real competition

OG Cole Banwart - Iowa

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