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Titans Hire Jim Schwartz as Senior Assistant

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Schwartz is a very smart guy who understands the league very well   It can only be a good thing imo

In Madden they don't have a senior assistant position.....

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I will say: this is surprising and makes me really interested in what scheme changes we'll see exactly. 


My guess is they will still contain rush against mobile QBs and two gap on early downs but will incorporate some of Schwartz' third down rush schemes with Vrabel's diamond front on passing downs. 


They will play tons of off man coverage and some press man, and not a ton of zone like Schwartz used to run in Tennessee, we just don't have the players for it that anymore. 


The biggest thing is that Schwartz believes in maximizing pressure with rushing 4 players, and that coincides with what Vrabel wants to do, even if it is simulated pressure with rushing a nickel corner or safety and dropping an OLB/DL in coverage. 

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2 minutes ago, cshumak2 said:

Have vrabel and schwartz crossed paths at any point in their careers?


Not directly, but Schwartz started out as a Belichick guy. 

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Just now, BudsOilers said:

So much for the narrative that Vrabel won't adjust anything and it has to be his way or the highway......


That said, Schwartz has ties to Belichick in Cleveland and went to Baltimore after BB got canned.

I already told you what had to happen.

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It's quite the mix of schemes between Vrabel/Bowen and then Schwartz and then Haslett. 


That's the Belichick defense + Schwartz defense + Pittsburgh defense. Maybe we'll end up with some philosophic mix that actually works with our personnel. 

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