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McConnell Warning Businesses Not To Get Involved In Politics

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1 hour ago, nine said:

I wonder what McConnell's position was when Trump demanded that America boycott the NFL, NBA, MLB, and any other sport where athletes kneeled during the anthem.


So it's okay for politicians to meddle in major league sports and influence revenues and profitability.   He just doesn't want major league sports voicing their opinions on political affairs.




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3 hours ago, tgo said:


Apparently everything now is run by a bunch of libtards except the local Denny's.


MLB, NFL, Coca Cola, Verizon, Google, Target, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, the federal government, big state governments, big city governments. Better get with the program a little bit or America is gonna leave all you knuckle draggers behind. 


Well, it's a deep, deep state.  

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9 hours ago, Starkiller said:

McConnell has always been a total hypocrite. It’s just like blocking Obama's SCOTUS nominee because of the upcoming election but jamming through Trump's at the last minute.


3 hours ago, OILERMAN said:

He wears the hypocrisy like a badge of honor 

I have come to realize, to be a hypocrite you have to believe what you say... he doesn’t believe shit other than what benefits him most atm. 

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