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Matt Gaetz: Certified Creep

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What the actual fuck? You're whatabouting to some obscure former mayor of some small town in California that no one here has ever heard of and wondering why a prominent and high profile Trump supporti

Gaetz might go away for a very long time: https://www.thedailybeast.com/gaetz-paid-accused-sex-trafficker-who-then-venmod-teen   Greenberg and Gaetz are also connected on Venmo to at least on

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15 hours ago, pat said:

Does anyone else read the thread title and hear

Certified Creep
Seven Days a Week
White Ass Pussy
Makes that poll [ow] game weak

After  reading the title, Creep by Radiohead was stuck in my head and I had to watch the video.



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2 hours ago, rns90 said:

Who the fuck uses their government issued credit card to pay for sex?


While funny you hit on a very apt point in my opinion.  One of the main trends I have noticed with Trump supporters, whom I know, is that they are not bright people but they are certain that they are the brightest among us. 

That unwarranted hubris is likely the cause of these idiotic actions.  Just as the insurrectionist, who are now facing prison time, likely thought their January 6th rendezvous was going to be nothing but fun and games, Gaetz and Greenberg were certain that none of the "dummies" would catch their "brilliant" ploy. 

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