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Upcoming Infrastructure Package

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12 hours ago, ctm said:

McConnell says no republicans will vote for the bill that he hasn't even seen yet.  That saves some time.  Democrats can now negotiate among themselves.

I think they already knew that, but it helps give the “reach across the aisle” Dems a little cover publicly for not visibly trying to work to make a deal with Republicans.

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"It isn't every day that Republican Rep. Sam Graves picks up his cell phone and hears from a Cabinet secretary -- let alone a Democrat."


"He calls my cell phone and I have his," said Graves, who said he was surprised by how "accessible" the secretary has been. "It certainly is just nice to be able to talk to somebody and talk about that different points of view and the pros and the cons without getting into an argument and just shutting off and then starting in with name calling. That is very refreshing."


"The conversations between Buttigieg and Republican lawmakers, according to multiple members of congress, routinely focus on the concerns that those conservatives have with the Biden plan, like how much it will cost and the view that much of it doesn't focus on traditional infrastructure. But each lawmaker CNN spoke to said they left their conversations with the Transportation Secretary struck by how they felt listened to, something they said wasn't often the case with other Democrats."

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