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Multiple Lawsuits Filed Against Deshaun Watson for Sexual Assault


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Some people would do much better for themselves if they had just created a FetLife account.

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That's where you and your wife stand at opposite ends of the house and yell [email protected] Y0U!!!!  

I can guarantee Mariota isn't going to have multiple women come forward with these allegations against him!!!!

I need to see pictures of these women before I decide who is telling the truth.

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I find it hard to believe that a "reasonable person" can look at an "Instagram Massage Therapist" and not think "Call Girl." 


These women are legit going into men's homes and giving them private massages. If these were physical therapists or hell even a brick and mortar licensed massage therapist, I'd feel differently. 


Did he force it? Did he use his influence to corner these women? Did any actually try to leave or deny him? How did he respond to the denial? If I were Watson's lawyer, I'd ask these women in deposition how often they were propositioned for sexual favors during in-home visits with men. I bet the percentage is high, because who tf goes to Instagram to pick an "in-home massage therapist?" Like seriously guys. I don't look at pictures of my massage therapist before I book an appointment. I don't give af what they look like. But I damn sure would if I was looking for a hooker. 

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4 hours ago, OILERMAN said:

What would be funnier is if he gets a year suspension then comes back and spares it up on the field for a few years 

Two years of not playing football has to be tough to come back from. 

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On 6/6/2022 at 12:18 PM, Mythos27 said:

For me, one of the things that stretches credulity is that to believe Watson, you'd have to believe that 23 of these women willingly and without any compensation consented to engaging in sexual activities with him during the massage. Really bro? You're just that irresistible to women that they all just want to take a professional massage way further than that? Not buying it. 

He paid them.. and paid them well. Sometimes he flew them into town and put them into hotels. There was compensation and a good amount. Some of them weren't even massage therapists. 

Im still confused about what the charges are. He asked for hand jobs? He forced them to touch him? He outright threatened their jobs if they didn't give him a handy because of his celebrity status? ... or he asked and they gave and are saying they felt afraid not tobecause of the implication? 

The dialogue and individual accusations with and for every single woman needs to come out in the public and not as a group because what applies to a non- masseuse Instagram girl who traded sexy pics with him before he flies them into town is vastly different than a sports therapist already in town who was threatened/ forced into giving a handy. 

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22 hours ago, BudsOilers said:


Well the world record is 8 feet but the whole point is creating reasonable doubt in terms of being assaulted by sperm.....


If the sperm can't hit, you must acquit!


But  really all of this is just to avoid the criminal aspects. The NFL punishment will be unrelated. 

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4 minutes ago, ChesterCopperpot1 said:

Which was complete and utter bullshit. He should fight that shit til the very end. 


I agree but this where the NFL will be more concerned about public opinion.  It will be hard for them not to punish Watson for a significant period of time - especially because the Texans enabled him and Cleveland structured a deal intentionally to minimize his financial impact from a suspension.

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