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2021 NFL Free Agency: Official Agreements and Signings

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2 minutes ago, titaninpgh said:

You included Pruitt but not Vaccaro or Butler! This board loves it some MyCole. Quite the list though. I don't understand how there's enough cap space left in the league for some of those guys to get anywhere close to market rate. 

There are some guys more likely to be back then others.

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@titanskick8851 - Fackrell just signed with the Chargers today. 

I would add Beau Allen to the DL list as a run down nose. Also Crawford since Da’Quan is on there. Crawford could theoretically replace Dickerson as veteran depth - he played for the minimum last year, although I prefer Jullian Taylor’s upside at the backup 5T spot. 

Also Mitchell Schwartz reportedly has some kind of major medical issue. 

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28 minutes ago, SuperFreak90 said:

Chicago Bears is a racist organization 


Racist or just stupid?  Because I'm guessing your referring to their decision to draft Trubisky over Watson/Mahomes.


Because they tried trading for Wilson this past off-season, brought in guys like Campbell and Stewart in the past.

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The way this FA market has moved makes me hope the Titans are smart enough to not make any more moves until post draft.


See what happens with the draft with the best players you can get. There will still be plenty of veteran talent on the market all the way into training camp.

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4 minutes ago, Jonboy said:

Wow. “Up to” $6 million?


Really don’t understand why we didn’t keep him if that was all it took. 



His dead cap hit here is over 4M, so that would be 10M on the books for him at that rate. And that would have been him taking basically a 50% salary cut - and he's a prideful guy - would never have done that. 

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