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2021 NFL Free Agency: Official Agreements and Signings

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Colts missing out on the top tier of pass rushers.  Could force them to pick one at 21 and bypass a CB.  So did the Vikings, which may cause them to hold onto Hunter.

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9 hours ago, rns90 said:

Patriots unchararistically getting in on the free agent action.

There was that one year they traded for Moss, Welker, and added Stallworth and Adalius Thomas in FA. This has historically not been their MO though.


I'm pretty mixed about their moves. Judon's a good signing. I know Jonnu got paid huge, maybe too much for some tastes, but TE is a huge part of their offense. Their TE play has been maybe the worst in the league the past few seasons. Cost aside, it's a huge upgrade for NE at TE getting Jonnu.


Agholor and Bourne are scrub moves. Agholor was way overpaid for a guy who's been essentially a bust. He did play better last season fwiw, but he's still a JAG to me. Bourne was a backup WR in SF. Decent player, but I wouldn't have high expectations. I would've liked to have seen a bigger splash move at WR for them. Their WR core is maybe the worst in the league. I would've aimed higher.

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