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Jayon Brown the Root of Communication Issue on Defense?

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1 minute ago, rns90 said:

Just guessing here but they probably thought that the increase in pass rush would cover up whatever early season difficulties the players may have had adjusting.  But then Beasley showed up unmotivated, Clowney out of shape and Jackson got injured so that part of the plan went to hell pretty quickly.

Clowney was fine, but he was miscast in our defense. He’s a much better inside rusher. He’s great at setting the edge and causing havoc, but he’s terrible at getting sacks because of his inability to bend. He always should have been a guy that kicked inside and got plenty of downs on the sideline. 

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Draft Zaven Collins.....problem solved.

I discussed it before, but with all the allusion to communication issues, it has to have been one of the LBers at the root of it, maybe along with Byard learning a new defense as he was making the sec

Brown is a good linebacker, but the communication issues were evident from day one. No one stepped up in all three tiers where we lost our leadership with Casey on the line, Woodyard with the LBs, and

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