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Wilson is “done.. as a Titan”

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12 minutes ago, Mythos27 said:

You've been mocking the idea that people are rightly pissed off at how this whole thing went down. Being angry about something doesn't make you wrong about the issue and for sometimes anger is a preferable response to indifference. If you don't care that's fine but it doesn't mean everyone else is some sort of psycho for not being cool with how this guy has squandered this team's time and resources. I'm not generally the guy that goes after players and I almost always wish them success when they leave Tennessee but there are limits. Guys like Wilson and Beaseley, who put forth so little effort and are so nonchalant about it are not people I wish success for. 

You can read my last response to WiscoTitansFan as it also applies here. I’m not going to clog down the thread with this any more as I hate when other people do it. 

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When did he start football as a Titan?

He and his friends are all losers. Nobody in that entire crew is either good enough or man enough to even attempt to stop his self-destruction. Of course it could all be on him, but I know I’d be nons

I can't wait to hear the new rap album 

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5 minutes ago, Nash said:

Bottom line on this is that Wilson may have saved the team about 4-5 million per year instead of picking up a Free agent right tackle..we will recoup most of the money so the  7-8 million to sign a decent right tackle should not be a problem going forward..


Can probably get a good RT for even less in this environment. Like Havenstein or Wagner. 

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4 hours ago, nine said:

One point I keep coming back to with Wilson:


Every year,  225+ college kids are drafted by NFL teams....with hundreds more signed as UDFAs.    This happens every...single...year.


Of the thousands of young players brought into the league in recent years.....I don't recall a single instance of a player deliberately disregarding his opportunity the way Wilson has.   We've seen tons of players who were complete busts....and tons of dumb, immature players who wasted their opportunity by doing dumb shit off the field.


But I don't recall ever hearing about a player who showed such incredible entitlement and so little remorse after doing literally *nothing* as a player.   This guy signed a contract for millions of dollars to play professional football....then turned around and  didn't even bother to show up after the first few weeks.    And to top it all off, he doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with that.


The pick is already wasted....that ship has sailed.    The only thing the Titans can do is try to recoup whatever they can from Wilson as a matter of principle.   If Wilson is allowed to walk away from the NFL with a couple million dollars in his pocket after doing nothing more than just show up for a few weeks....that will set a horrible precedent that could impact the entire league, as other high-profile college athletes could see Wilson's "take the money and run" approach as an attractive option.


Oh shut the fuck up and get a life, you obsessive nerd!

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I just don't have the appetite for another OL anywhere in the early rounds this year. My dissatisfaction with Kelly is well known by now but we honestly could do worse and this defense has too many needs to spend anything valuable on the line right now. Patch it up through FA.

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39 minutes ago, AvgJoe said:

I would rather sign either of them than draft another RT or Olineman of any variety in Round 1. 

We got Kelly for DGB and he started all year.  Add this pick to the trash can along with Dodd.  Jrob just got lucky Henry was still there after passing over him twice. Imagine the roasting he would get for taking Dodd if Henry had gone somewhere else. 

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I think somehow, someway, Robinson ends up pulling like a conditional 6th or 7th round pick out of Wilson. Some team will think they can fix the issues and bet on his physical traits. Maybe I am dead wrong, but if Robinson can turn DGB into Kelly, then I can see him getting a late 2022 pick for Wilson.

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Imo when there is instances like Wilson, I don't think they should be allowed to play in the NFL. 


How does somebody make stupid choices, put themselves in bad positions & then get mad at somebody else for how your life and career is going lol.

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