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Rumor mill says Madden22 cover man iiiisss...

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Haven't bought Madden in 4 years. Might have to get 22 for this lol. 


The Titans probably don't rank in the top half of the league as far as popularity. When I play my friends or brother in law in Madden and beat them all I hear is I'm actually losing to the Titans. Many dont realize the Titans have been pretty consistent as a Franchise compared to Alot of others. In the 2000s I think we made the playoffs 5 out of the 10 years. Then we finished last decade strongly. Although it wasn't full of playoff births, it was mostly above a .500 record, and under new playoff rules we woulda been in the playoffs 2 more times. 


I guess my point is is if Henry is on this year's cover that means the Titans are the team with the most cover athletes. Eddie George, Vince Young & Now DH.




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Actually now I think about it hes the perfect candidate so I'd say its likely.


Young exciting running back, which everyone loves. Number 22 for Madden 22. Has a pretty decent following and fanbase. And a top 10 NFL player.


This will make it Eddie George, Vince Young and presumably King Henry.. thats most for any franchise right?

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23 minutes ago, titansfan said:

Also the madden curse stuff is over. Mahomes won a SB and SBMVP when he was on it 


& Brady and Gronk were on it just before him. If anything being on it seems to be bringing good fortune lol.

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