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Wednesday January 27?


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Ok, so each of the last 3 Wednesdays have been pretty momentous. First came the insurrection. Then was the impeachment. Last was the inauguration.


So any guesses what will happen next Wednesday? Bonus points if it starts with the letter i.

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2 hours ago, TitansFan777 said:

The ship arrives to take Obummer/Killary/Sleepy Joe/Rapist Bill/Pelosi/Schumer and the rest to Gitmo, and Donald Trump comes back to the White House, obviously.


Its all going according to plan! #WWG1WGA

My assertation covers that.  


I mean, it could be the 10s of thousands of sealed indictments the Qdiots believed for years now, but most likely not. I mean, how has 10s of 1000s of sealed indictments remained sealed for this long?  Only Tux and his fellow Qdiots know. 

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