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Pruitt fired & Fulmer retiring

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19 minutes ago, rns90 said:

Didn't they sign him to an extension last year?  Bad timing as most of the coaching spots and assitants spots have been filled.  Also UT has been a big disappointing dumpster fire for years now.




I fully expect the Vols to be going through another search in a few seasons. 

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They just can't get it together up there.  They get some good players, but it doesn't seem like they really go as hard as they should for a QB.  Maybe non of the good ones want to live in Knoxville.  They haven't had a QB since Peyton.  Tee Martin won a championship because they had so much talent around him. Alabama probably has one of the bench who could lead them to the East title.  


The next problem seems like they can't get a big name coach to come.  Alvin Kamara played up there and nobody ever heard of him until he was running all over the field in the NFL.


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7 hours ago, ctm said:

Cash payments to recruits.  The penalties are likely to be severe.

They used to pull all kinds of shit. Hire them part time at a dealership and pay them $500 a week and put them in a new car. Watch the movie Blue Chips if you want to see the real side of college. Shaq and Nolte.

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These two pulled pulled off the scam of the century.

Fulmer Fat ass had no business being an AD and Pruitt was a joke from start to finish.

UT has been a shit show.

It sounds like they are going in the right direction now.

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