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Trump Found Guilty in NY: Trump Org Ordered to Dissolve


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That's brilliant    

LOL   Trump was forced to shut down his foundation because he was stealing from it, He paid 25M in restitution to the students who attended Trump University because he was ripping them

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55 minutes ago, tgo said:


But, but.....Trump is a self-made billionaire. Unlike the Kenyan and sleepy Joe, he didn't take a government salary.


Typical Trumper math. They don't realize he was doubling and tripling his salary by charging the secret service $395 per night for rooms that are probably going unoccupied. That his buddy in Florida made $765K from golf cart rentals and his course in New Jersey made another $179K off the rentals. At Trump Towers, he was charging them $650 a night. The grift goes on and on.



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1 hour ago, tgo said:


They need to not pay. It’s one thing to give an ex-president secret service protection, it’s another thing to pay him for the privilege.


If he chooses to not allow agents to be there for free, that’s his choice…

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2 hours ago, TitansFan777 said:

Not getting my hopes up, but I hope they permanently bury this motherfucker and put the orange shit stain on American history away for good. 


Even if they do, Americans (Dems) better learn from this shit bc the next guy to have the backing of the massive Republican propaganda machine might not be as stupid.

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  • tgo changed the title to Trump Found Guilty in NY: Trump Org Ordered to Dissolve

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