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Jaguars Hiring Urban Meyer

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Meyer would be doing us a favour if he took any of our defensive coaches.

Thank You God!

19 minutes ago, Aramis said:

@Jonboy mind sharing your thoughts on Lawrence? I really don’t see the hype in this kid. Someone posted a tweet recently where a reporter went to look at his stats over time at Clemson and just came away gushing about how good Watson was. Not to mention this kid didn’t even come close or put a dent in a lot of statistical categories compared to Boyd (lol) and Watson. 

With Luck, I would watch his games and get the hype. But this kid is the next Luck? Nah don’t see it at all. I’ve watched both bowl games the last two years he’s been in and been left scratching my head as to why so many like this kid.


To be fair, I'm basing it purely off draft analysts that I've come to follow and trust over the years. In terms of "draft grades," nearly all of them say he's their highest rated prospect since Luck. Obviously nothing is a sure thing in this league, but everything I read about the kid says he's as close as it gets.


Then you add in the fact that Jacksonville has a really nice o-line and an impressive young RB, he's set up to succeed early. That's all I'm saying.

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42 minutes ago, Jonboy said:




Meyer is a great coach, gets the best QB since Luck, and has a crap-ton of cap money to spend.

Mainly because Urban Meyer has never been an NFL HC and it is totally different dealing with pro players, personal lives, a salary cap, etc.


When you have spent your whole life recruiting kids I question whether you can have the same success when you are the exact same as 32 other teams. Not to mention the fact that he has had numerous health problems and leaves a job within the first 5-7 years. 

If Saban failed because he’s a control freak, I do not feel good about Meyer’s prospects. I would be much more concerned if Jacksonville hired Arthur or Eberflus. 

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The conventional wisdom is really not worth much. People are constantly wrong about how football things will turn out. I don't see cause to celebrate this just because people think he'll bomb out for whatever reason.


The guy is one of the best coaches at the college level. In the NFL him succeeding or not mostly depends on if he gets a good and stable QB, which is unpredictable.


I think the college control freak coach narrative is overplayed. Mike Mularkey was known as a control freak in his first coaching gigs and he was an NFL only guy. If things go poorly that will annoy players and get used as the explanation for his failure, but NFL players are willing to buy in to stupid control freak things if the success is there (New England).

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I always thought Meyer was a very good coach that has some quirks.  I think his best coaching attribute is recruiting and that's not going to be a factor in the NFL.  I don't think he's any kind of offensive or QB guru either.   He had Alex Smith at Utah, but after that at UF and Ohio State he didn't really have a legit NFL QB unless you count Tebow.  I'm interested to see how he translates to the NFL and what he does with Trevor Lawrence.  The roster, Cap and draft capital is there to turn the Jags into a contender if used correctly.  Overall I think he's a risky hire for the Jags and that's why I'm glad he's their guy.

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2 minutes ago, Jonboy said:



At least Vrabel wouldn't be able to bring another underwhelming Texans defensive coach here.


Was watching Get Up on ESPN overnight and while they were discussing DeShaun Watson and why he is unhappy with the Texans they mentioned that the 2020 Texans defensive efficiency was the 3rd worst of any team in the last 15yrs.


To put that into real numbers Weaver coordinated the 478th out of 480 defense in regards defensive efficiency over the last 15 years.

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