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Titans 2021 Off-Season Primer

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2021 Titans Off-Season Primer   Overview: Despite a roster that clearly had flaws and an early playoff exit along with the best offense we have seen since the Titans came to Nashville, 2020

Robinson has done a very solid job since getting hired 

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42 minutes ago, titanskick8851 said:

Oh no doubt, but we weren’t just bad on 3rd downs because of the lack of sacks. 

Coaching, scheme, player knowledge, tackling, awareness, leadership, and injuries all had played huge parts in making the 2020-21 Titans defense awful. Everything at all three levels of the defense was off. When building a scheme there has to be a reason for doing something. If you are dropping a guy in zone and bringing a blitz, someone has to occupy the space the blitzed vacated. There were just multiple breakdowns that led to the shit we watched. If the secondary plays ten yards, the pass rush is going to struggle to generate any sacks or pressure because the ball is going to be gone quickly. All three units - DL, LB, and Secondary have to to work in unison otherwise you have guys out of position. It’s a deeper issue then just having a great pass rusher. We need to have a complete team to win. 

Right now the Chiefs are in a league of their own due to their offensive efficiency. If you want to compete with them, it’s silly to think you are going to put together a game plan that is going to hold them back for 4 quarters. 

But honestly we have a passable secondary, what we don't have is pass rush, not sure why this is hard to understand?  Look I do not mean to be bull headed at all, but i have been preaching this for years, (on other sites). We have zero chance if we let NFL QB's sit back and pick our defense apart. It has been happening for the last decade,

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10 minutes ago, Lantern said:

But honestly we have a passable secondary, what we don't have is pass rush, not sure why this is hard to understand?  Look I do not mean to be bull headed at all, but i have been preaching this for years, (on other sites). We have zero chance if we let NFL QB's sit back and pick our defense apart. It has been happening for the last decade,

You would hope that, but at least one of the starting CB’s isn’t likely to be back (Butler or Adoree) due to cap considerations. Fulton will practically be rookie again after missing so much time. Hopefully if we hire a real DC that has a real scheme and knows how to communicate, a lot of the guys who regressed (Byard, Evans, Adoree, Long, etc) are able to be put in the right position and regain at least some of the playmaking ability. Tons of potential holes at ILB, SS, and CB depending on what happens with cuts and free agency.

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4 hours ago, AussieTitanFan08 said:


Mentioned it in another thread assuming Humphries either retires or is cut this offseason it leaves AJ Brown/Westbrook-Ikhine/Batson as your top receiving options under contract that is simply not even in the ball park of enough offensive firepower to trouble the Chiefs.


I'm not naive to the possibility Davis won't be returning but if he doesn't WR becomes a massive need this offseason especially with the news AJ Brown just underwent surgeries to both knees.


The facts are JRob is going to be working with limited resources this offseason and with the current trend in the NFL of offense dominating that side of the ball needs to be shored up before attention is turned to fixing the defense.



I think there is a case to be made that mid tier free agents could make a big difference to this defense.  Guys like KVB and Babbins from several years ago.  


Who those guys are or if they will be available and affordable I have no idea but I'm hoping for a couple of Dennis Kelly like moves on defense just to shore things up in addition to some new blood at DC.


I also agree that retaining talent on offense, fixing the Oline, and backfilling key contributors takes priority over elite pass rushers.  I think you probably draft a potential guy early and you sign a mid-tier FA to hopefully help the pass rush but I honestly don't see what more they will be able to do given the current cap situation and draft resources.   

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So Meaty has had a couple of weeks to evaluate the team's performance from 2020. 


He lost his OC, the one shiny spot, and may be waiting for someone to finish the season or promote within.  Who knows - it is cool to be like BB and give coach speak. 


We had no DC in name but Bowen actually had the role.  Biggest fall from 2019 to 2020 for me on D was the lack of adjustment from 1st half to 2nd.  If the O did not get big leads or make comebacks, the game was lost.  So blame it on a poor FO offseason if you want but other than Simmons, Long and Butler everyone else regressed on D.  And for goodness sake, Landry can not be effective playing 100% of the D snaps.  Huge positive was TO ratio but was that because of the D or O?


And then there is ST.  What a nightmare.  Lost the long snapper due to erosion in talent, I guess.  Injury to holder who just happens to be the Pro Bowl punter for several games so blocking along with the poor snapping some of us questioned week 1 at Denver was certainly not a positive.  New K took half a season to get better than shaky.  Nothing stands out as KR or PR over the course of the season.  KO coverage was hoping for touchbacks or the return consistently was beyond the 25 and P coverage was lost without the Pro Bowler pinning them inside the 20 with directional kicks.


Anyway, the Titans won 11 games, won the division in the last week of the season and got bounced in the wildcard round.  Seems like something more than an assistant DL coach hire is in order.

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The lack of pass rush isn't just because we don't have good EDGE players (though this is still an issue). The scheme is a problem -- we discussed all last year about how this defense doesn't prioritize edge rushers that much. Instead, it creates pressure in varying ways and values being multiple over a pure 4-man rush.


I didn't like the scheme last year either and many of us yelled all year about increasing the priority of pure rushers, but the defense got away with it some because of redzone efficiency, and Dean Pees maximizing the talent with his playcalls. It still wasn't great, just serviceable.


Last year was the ceiling; we need to change the base scheme and philosophy to match modern offenses.



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