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On 1/12/2021 at 7:24 AM, LongTimeFan said:

So where were these nutjobs before Parler? Oh, Twitter and Facebook. Was Twitter or Facebook ever shutdown and deplatformed?

You are a fucking tool if you think this is not problematic. 

You don't think those services pay for themselves? Amazon basically shut them down because they didn't want to be associated with a platform that the world now associates with a violent attack on the government. Of course no business is going to want that person to be a partner of theirs.


Tell me the last time that the entire world associated Twitter or Facebook specifically to violence, treason and felonies.

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How does that old saying go?  "A racist seditionist and his freedom are quickly parted."

You guys truly are short sighted. Your hatred for Trump and anyone that supports him has no bounds. Parler was shutdown in 48 hrs because of some of its posters comments. Is Twitter deplatformed

If one of you conservative assholes goes on a racist or violent tirade and Guru et al don't do something about it the provider that hosts this site has every right to shut us down if someone sues. Tha

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