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Titans Coordinator/Assistant Coach Thread

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2 minutes ago, kgsTitan said:


Yes I still have an Oilers Gameday magazine from '88 or '89 with Saban in it. Supposedly, he hated working under Glanville because Jerry didn't believe in discipline and basically wanted his secondary to commit murder.



Haha, that makes the lack of discipline under Gregg Williams, Schwartz, Fisher, Chuck Cecil, make a lot more sense - all from that school of thought. 

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Nice to see an official dc search is happening   

Has any college coach ever hired prominent NFL coaches like Saban? Alabama has almost become NFL lite.

Anybody got any up for grabs?    I'm thinking Brayden Coombs (or Brad Seely), Bill O'Brien (or Todd Downing), Romeo Crennel (or Matt Patricia).    Let's re-tool this motherfucker. 

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21 minutes ago, tgo said:



1. Todd Downing

2. Tim Kelly

3. Bill Callahan

4. Brian Schottenheimer

5. Doug Marrone

6. Mike McDaniel

7. Shane Waldron




1. Romeo Crennel

2. Matt Patricia

3. Anthony Weaver

4. Kerry Coombs

5. Cory Undlin

6. Jim Haslett

7. Aaron Glenn

Sign me up for giving Downing a shot at OC when Arthur leaves.


As far as DC:

Romeo Crennel is 73 years old and 300+ lbs, but is tight with Vrabel.  That probably makes him the leader in the clubhouse.


Patricia apparently is a world class dickwad whose players hate him.  Hell, maybe Vrabel does too.  I hope so.


Jim Haslett didn't do much impressive this season.  I think he might even get his walking papers.


It's hard to gauge Weaver as a DC since the he was only DC for the Texans this season.  Their D sucked, but the talent wasn't exactly there to work with.  I like his resume' though.


I'd be good with bringing Coombs back, but he may be an Ohio State lifer.


I'd be down with Undlin. 


Aaron Glenn is intriguing, but there are a lot of unknowns.


My top 3 are Coombs, Weaver and Undlin for whatever that's worth.  This is assuming Pees has no interest in getting back into coaching.

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Looking at this group, I am not so sure the lot of them shouldn't be fired, save for Williams. Edwards should be put back on Special Teams like he was in 2019. Incredible that almost every since position group regressed. Haslett, Midget, and Booker specifically really struggled. Bowen's group of OLB's never really improved. Also have to wonder if there is not enough supplemental staff here. On offense we have 9 coaches devoted to that side of the ball. On this side we only have 7, albeit Vrabel is sure to stick his nose in these meetings more than on offense.



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