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Wild Card Weekend - Ravens @ Titans Game Thread

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Vrabel has embarrassed himself in this game   For a big tough guy you cannot coach weaker and more afraid 

Redzone offense sputters after an unsuccessful 1st down run leading to 2 known passing situations 

Absolutely insane that Harold Landry played 1112 snaps this year in 17 games which included 100% of the snaps today, completely moronic to run your most explosive pass rusher into the ground this year

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Mentioned it immediately after the game that Quessenberry/Kelly and the blocking TE were awful but man watching that breakdown from Baldy it was even worse than I thought watching it live.


It was coaching malpractice to keep slamming the ball into those 8 and 9 man boxes on first down when the outside blocking from the OT/TE was that bad.

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7 hours ago, AussieTitanFan08 said:


And people were like, "Why are the Ravens favored"  lol  I bet against my own damn team, knowing this shit would happen.  It's like Arthur Smith forgot Williams and Campbell were even playing this time around.


If the Ravens get another good WR (or two) this draft/FA, the only team that will be able to stop them will be the Ravens themselves, ala Lamar fucking things up with his arm, like he does from time to time. 


But if Jackson's on fire with both his legs and arm, might as well mail it in, because not even Mahomie and company gonna slow the Predator down. 


There's something out there - and it ain't no man...  Hey, Billy!




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On 1/11/2021 at 7:14 PM, ironfriend said:

The debate about gettin DH 30 touches or not is missing a crucial point.  This is week 18.  That means DH's body has endured 17 consecutive weeks of blunt force pounding.   Henry's hell bent running style inflicts and endures collisions more violent and more often than any back in the league.  If the guy is in fact human, his effectiveness could be reduced by as much as 40%!  He is certainly not operating at the level he was early in the season.  If Vrabel or the OC is to be blamed it has to be for failing to take this into account in formulating a game plan and even a season plan.  If you expect DH to be DH in the playoff, you better dam well find space to rest him.

You honestly think a well rested Henry makes any difference in that game? Clearly you must not think line play matters when it comes to production of a RB

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The Ravens front dominated the Titans OL (the tackles were routinely beaten) and they were able to do what Baldy showed in the clip - tackle Henry low.


The game plan to just try to force it as opposed to loosening this up passing is mind boggling.  Of course, Davis checking out in week 16 and Humphries sitting somewhere in the dark with sunglasses on since October didn't help this....

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13 hours ago, AussieTitanFan08 said:


I don't give the Ravens any credit for shutting down Henry because they didn't. 


They shutdown Henry running up the middle. Arthur and Vrabel are to blame for continuing to do the same exact thing expecting different results. Even casual fans know who Calais Campbell is. 

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