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Twitter Permanently Bans Donald Trump

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10 minutes ago, oldschool said:

Trump just tried to use the official POTUS twitter account and they shut him down. Lmao.

Then the next tweet we will ever see from @POTUS will be from Joe Biden. Or at least from his media team...

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I don't use Twitter, not going to use Parler and only use Facebook's Marketplace to find cars and car parts.

That being said, you guys are extremely nearsighted if you think banning Trump or bringing down Parler  is smart. It will only create more extremists. As social media has appeared, the divide has become deeper. And you guys that live your life off those platforms are the fools. I didn't watch news for 3 weeks and it was great. I came back and read alot of the threads here. I can't believe I ever participated. You guys are all fucking idiots. You guys are the problem. Not because of your political beliefs, but because of your extreme views. But luckily, you are all idiots so you don't even notice.


I would bet good money that Jack or Jeff or Sundar or Mark don't make it through the year if this continues. And probably some Congress people. You take away peoples jobs, their belief in a fair election and their communication and there will be bad consequences. 

The extremists that stormed the capitol are fucking idiots as were the ones that burned the cities. I would bet some of you participated.


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